Coffee is one of the most absorbent crops on the planet. That is why it is imperative to use organic beans, free of pesticides when brewing your coffee. Much of a bean’s flavors comes from the soil in which it is grown. Natural growth conditions result in a toxin-free, flavor-packed bean that is richer in antioxidants and taste.


Our beans are made in the shade. Only 1% of the coffee beans in the world are shade grown! Coffee beans grown in the shade mature more slowly resulting in a low acidity flavorful bean.

The ecosystem benefits as well. The integrity of the soil and forest is preserved, keeping these unique ecosystems alive.  Shade grown coffee provides a home for trees, birds, plants and a variety of other animals.  200 species of birds can be found on a shaded coffee farm; a non-shaded coffee plantation hosts less than one third the number of birds.


Each bean is 100% Fair Trade Certified. This certificate ensures that the isolated rural communities growing shade-grown organic coffee receive fair prices. Everyone deserves a fair wage.  Fair wages support community development and environmental stewardship. In fact, every bean can be traced back to the cooperative of small-scale farmers who grew it.


Freshly roasted coffee not only tastes better, but also provides one of the highest amounts of antioxidants found in any food.  These antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body, which cause cancer. 

Unlike wine, Coffee does not improve with age.  Most coffees grabbed off the shelf were roasted months ago and are burnt.  Yep, burnt.  Burnt beans hide the stale flavor.

Why Serious coffee drinkers choose beans by ben


We only roast the top 1% of Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee


No Pesticides, Chemicals, or Mycotoxins. Just Nature


Stomach Friendly - Shad Grown = Low Acidity